Looking for a meaningful gift for someone you love?  Give them a Marigold Ceremony!

Know someone celebrating a milestone birthday in the coming year?  Moving into a new home?  Expecting a baby or adopting a child?  Are your parent’s celebrating an important wedding anniversary?  Maybe your best friend finally finished her dissertation. The possibilities are endless!

I will meet with your special someone to learn about their life’s adventure. Together we’ll uncover the themes, symbols and unique magic of their journey. Out of this conversation will grow a ceremony to honor and celebrate their experience, significant accomplishment or life transition.  Your gift becomes a source of renewal and joy for all who attend.  Contact me and let’s explore the possibilities of giving a gift certificate for a Marigold Ceremony this holiday season!


JP0213photos by Ray Haskell, Perfect Image

Simply adorable. Wendy and Jimmy ride off into their future as husband and wife!

Envision your future together.  Snowshoeing together in winter, the first Harley rides of spring — past orchards in blossom, the magnificent sunrises and sunsets of summer, and the glowing colors of bountiful autumn.”         

…from the ceremony, as Wendy and Jim envisioned their future life together, and shared a third sip of cider from a “Common Cup”.                         

October Wedding

I’d been told to turn right off the country road and drive through the open “bar way” gate. The gravel road curved up a fairly steep hill and when I reached the top the setting took my breath away!

Jim and Wendy created a beautiful ceremonial space on their friend’s land, overlooking Mt. Monadnock in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Although the mountain was invisible behind thick clouds, the ceremony and the retelling of their love story evoked its majestic presence.

Wendy and Jim made their vows on an oathing stone, which they found on the mountain and had engraved for their ceremony.  I suggested this Scottish tradition after learning about this couple’s love of mountain climbing and the joy they experience being in nature together.  It will be an enduring symbol, as if their love, and the promises they made are “set in stone.”

Like.the colorful carpet of leaves that they walked through hand in hand, I used red and gold paper and bound their keepsake ceremony with an earthy twine.  

Looking back, I realize we were blessed with a break in the heavy rains that fell before and after their ceremony that day, and that this loving couple created a special radiance all their own!

Thank you so much for the beautiful bound keepsake! It was done beautifully, as beautiful as our ceremony that you created and performed.  Wow! Both Jimmy and I were blown away at how wonderful our wedding day was and the FABULOUS job that you did.  It was more than we could have ever imagined!!! The picture you sent of our oathing stone and the way it kind of mimicked the outline of Monadnock was so neat. 

Thanks so much for all that you did to make our wedding so special and wonderful! I sing your praises to all that I have told about our wedding!

Wendy and Jim 

By Carol Renzelman

Imagine a loving couple on their wedding day, full of anticipation for the very heart of the occasion — the ceremony itself. Imagine the couple knows that the words to be spoken express their core truths, intentions, and hopes and dreams for the future; they know that their love story will be told in a manner touching to everyone present…

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Marigolds are hearty, joyful flowers that have a very long blooming season. Indigenous to Central and South America they are now cultivated throughout the world and are commonly used in ceremonies in India and Latin America. I remember planting marigolds when I was a child – my very first garden. Like gardeners, Celebrants artfully work with nature and spirit to cultivate a flourishing life. The radiant Marigold strikes me as a universal symbol for that ideal.